2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Novotel Melaka, Malaysia

Ever since this hotel opened, it has been our regular place to stay whenever we are in Melaka. We like it for many reasons:
(1) Location – the location at Melaka Raya is excellent, in close proximity to the main malls of Dataran Pahlawan and Plaza Mahkota. There are also plenty of delicious dining options in the shophouses around the hotel, as well as convenience stores and massage parlours. 

(2) Facilities – the rooms are well decorated and furnished, and the hotel has great swimming pools for adults and children. Beside the swimming pool there is a playgroud for the kids to enjoy. There is also a good fitness centre and a decent kids play room. The kids enjoy themselves here! The hotel environment is also tastefully done up and effort is put in to decorate the hotel premises for different festivals like Christmas or Hari Raya.

(3) Price – You can’t find another hotel in the vicinity this cheap with this level of service. Value for money, especially if you book your rooms during the regular Accor Hotel sales.

There are some things which can be improved:

(1) Breakfast – the quality of breakfast can be improved. It is also hard to find a table as the restaurant is perpetually packed during breakfast time. 

(2) Elevator management – the way the elevators are programmed is a little strange, and during peak periods it can be hard to find a vacant elevator to go up or down. 

(3) Maintenance – with the popularity of the hotel, some of the room furnishings and quickly showing signs of wear and tear. These issues need to be more carefully addressed by the management. 

Overall Rating – 8/10


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Restaurant Congee Rice Noodles – Melaka

We had our late lunch at this restaurant today, just after it opened at 3pm. This was our first visit and we were happy to find somewhere air-conditioned, where we could eat in comfort shielded from the scorching heat outside. 
The prices of the dishes here are slightly more pricy than what we can find in the vicinity, but still reasonable as the portions are sizable. 

We ordered 6 dishes in total: Marmite Chicken (Rating: 8/10 a bit too much sauce), Cereal Prawns (8/10 not enough cereal), Kum Heong Lala (9/10 flavourful with good balance of spices), Gong Bao Frog Legs (8/10), Signature Toufu (8/10 simple but well executed), Seaweed Soup (7/10, decent but not outstanding).

There were so many other dishes we wanted to order, the food photos looked so tasty, but I guess we would have to come back another day to try. 

All in all, we think this is a great find. There is something here for everyone. Our kids were all raving about their respective dishes and they asked to come back!

Soupy Licious Restaurant – Melaka

This restaurant serves Chinese cuisine and is located at a convenient location along Jalan Merdeka, very near the Dataran Pahlawan shopping centre. This is one of our favorite haunts everytime we come to Melaka as it is very near the Novotel Melaka where we often stay, and it is less crowded than the nearby Nonya restaurants. 

The food here is excellent and the prices reasonable. The environment is also very clean and suitable for kids and family. There is also wifi available, which is a bonus!

We always love the guava appetizer and generally anything you order will be of a consistently high standard. Ironically, if there is any dish we have to complain about, it would be the soup dishes which we feel are not as good as when we first started coming here. 

Tonight, we ordered the Leek with Roasted Pork (Rating 9/10), Chicken in Dry Curry Sauce (9/10), Chicken with Chinese Sausage (8/10), and the Pork Rib Soup (5/10).

As you can see from my ratings, the dishes were all delicious, except the soup which was ordinary. 😛 The other dishes we like to order at this restaurant would be the Otah and the Minced Pork Patty with Salted Egg. 

For more information about this restaurant, you can visit their FB page by CLICKING HERE.