Alethea and Ephraim, at home with their Proud Father



This Lion is proud of this Lion’s pride… my two cuties are cuter and more adorable than any other little lion cub in the world… okay I admit, I’m biased, but then again, every other proud father and mother will think in the same way!

It is easy to physically become a parent, but so much harder to learn to be a good one. Many times you feel frustrated, and even foolish, not knowing what to do and how to proceed. Over time, with much effort, we get better at it. We learn how to exercise patience, and seek to think again from the perspective of a child.

It is so wonderfully absorbing just to observe a child at work. I don’t know what it is but is just brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. It makes you believe in everything wonderful about this world again.

These children are mine, but they do not belong to me, they have been wonderfully made by God the Creator of all things. As a parent, I am just showering my love on them, to care for them, to teach them and to prepare them to be ready to accomplish their purpose in this life, whatever that may be. They have a spiritual destiny, and God has a plan and a purpose for each of them. I must not seek to control their future and destiny. I need to let them find it for themselves.



Where are we going? Where do we come from?


Where are we going? Where do we come from?

Life is all about destiny and pre-destination. We cannot choose our parents, our ethnicity, or our birth nationality, but we can choose how we want to live our lives, what drives us, and what satisfies us.

Both the poor and the rich can be caught in a trap of existence. The poor in a cycle of poverty, unable to break free from the chains that tie them down to the dirt; the rich in a cycle of excess, never in need, but always in greed, always wanting more, and never learning to be content, but running themselves into the ground with the illusions of their own greatness and significance in the grand scheme of life.

The truth is that, whether rich or poor, naked we come into this world, and naked we will leave. There is nothing we can take with us to the afterlife, and all that we have fought and worked so hard for to build up, our houses, palaces, kingdoms and empires, we will have to forfeit when we step through to the other side. We are all but sojourners in this world. We are nothing more than a tiny insignificant speck of dirt in this great glorious universe. So what then, would be the destiny we choose for ourselves? To chase after the wind, vanity of vanities?


Are we able to take a step back and take stock of our lives? Of who we are?

Are we able to make a choice to make a difference in the lives of another? To feed the poor and to offer whatever love we can give to another sojourner in this existence? Can we choose not to flaunt our position and possessions, but to flaunt our capacity to think for others more than we think for ourselves?

Can we truly live and be happy? Not always being hungry for more, and more, and more- more things, more blings, more underlings, more happenings, more fantastic feelings? I only want more…. contentment, peace, grace, and love. I want more of God and everything wonderful and good that He brings to me. I want to be quenched by the waters of everlasting life. I don’t want the shadows and the illusionary, but I want the real, the truth, the illuminating, the perfect embrace, the agape love.