Mumtaz Indian Restaurant, HCMC

After a six year absence, we are finally back in Ho Chi Minh City enjoying our favorite Indian restaurant Mumtaz along Bui Vien. This restaurant has been a must-try ever since our first visit years back and it brings back so many happy memories of our early years of travel as a married couple. The food is always of a high standard and the service excellent. 

For tonight’s meal, we ordered the Rogan Gosh, Bhindi Masala and Chicken Madrasi with a Garlic Naan and Butter Naan. The food was delicious, with generous portions of meat, cooked to perfection in terms of texture and taste! This place really lives up to its high ranking on Tripadvisor. 


– Chicken Madrasi Curry

– Mutton Rogan Gosh Curry

– Bhindi Masala Curry (Lady’s Finger)

– Spices, Papadom, Ice Water

– Bill: VND317,000


Weekend Dinner Cooked with Love, Enjoyed by Family

Oh what a Saturday feast!

Oh what a Saturday feast!

Oh, did I mention that my wife is an excellent cook? Maybe that is stating the obvious, judging from the photographs on display and the fact that I gained more than 30 kilograms after meeting her. Now I’m suffering trying to lose my excess weight…. but well, I can’t complain much, I’ve been having it too good already 🙂 I’ll be posting pictures of my home-cooked dinners from time to time, to make all of you salivate. Well, if you really can’t resist anymore, then you can make an appointment to come to my place for dinner. Just give my wife a nice big Ang Pow for her efforts! 🙂 I can assure you, good home-cooked food is priceless…

Our dinner for the recent Saturday’s gastronomical delight: Pineapple Rice, Egg rolls with Minced Meat, Sliced Beef Rolls with Oyster Mushrooms and other Veggies, Baked chicken with Secret Herbs and Spices… I don’t know which spices, hence the “secret” label. 😛

Beef Slices Rolled with Oyster Mushrooms and other Veggies

Beef Slices Rolled with Oyster Mushrooms and other Veggies

Egg Rolls with Minced Meat

Egg Rolls with Minced Meat

Baked Chicken with "Secret" Spices

Baked Chicken with “Secret” Spices

Pineapple Rice

Pineapple Rice

Dinner Date @ Fish & Co (Clementi Mall Outlet)



There is no better way to start the week after a long tiring Monday back at work than to cheer yourself up with a nice dinner date with that special someone in your life!

Today both of us were feeling hungry, and we decided to go for a good meal at Fish & Co.

This is our second time patronising this outlet, and we ordered our usual order of a Platter for 2, topped up with an upgrade with a soup of the day (Seafood Chowder, yummy!) and a special fizzy tonic drink.

I must say, the food was really delicious, and consistently so for both our visits. The fries and rice were nicely done, not too hard or soft. The calamari was succulent and tasty. The prawns were deliciously fresh. The mussels were nicely drenched in garlic butter sauce. The fish was soft and tasty. It was really a good meal, and as my wife put it, “WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE?” The price was also reasonable for such a sumptuous meal – $48 for the upgraded meal, inclusive of service charge and GST, and also factoring in a 10% of for using your Citibank Credit Card to make payment.

The extra plus was that the service staff at this outlet were friendly and eager to please, Kudos to the restaurant for a wonderful dinner date! 🙂 As you can see, we cleared the whole plate… nothing was left except the shells from the mussels and prawns! 🙂


Food – 10/10

Service – 8/10 (Staff friendly and helpful but too busy! Also they forgot our mints!)


Reflections on Love / Wedding Dinner at St. Regis,


Welcome to St. Regis, decked out in a Shangai theme, complete with the feathered frills, vintage songbird, and zany emcee. Its been awhile since we have attended a wedding dinner with such glitz and glamour. Every table had a towering tablepiece, which added to the grandeur, but posed a lot of problems with line-of-sight. I don’t remember seeing the emcee’s face at all the entire evening, for all his attempts to leave a lasting impression. Felt a little sorry for him, having to crack jokes in mandarin which no one in the ballroom seemed to understand or to care about.


The food was generally good with excellent presentation, but perhaps trying a little too hard to impress. You’d have to say that it was certainly unique, not the standard Chinese wedding dinner fare. Portions were individually served in French style minimalist portions with great flair and an eye for detail. Service standards of the waiting staff was rather disappointing, I must say, with our drinks being forgotten at least four times.


Amidst all this talk about the venue, the decor and the food, lets not forget what the wedding is really about, the celebration of love between two people joined together for a lifetime of commitment and companionship. The emcee quipped, “Marriage is not a word, it is a sentence… a LIFE SENTENCE.” Well perhaps we shouldn’t put it so negatively, but there is a lot of truth in that statement. The BIG DAY is only the beginning, the BIG CHALLENGE is to navigate the twist and turns and bumps and bruises of a lifetime of togetherness. Will the union stand the test of time? We always start out with the best of intentions, but a lot of the time we place expectations on our partners and on the relationship, and in so doing we forget what love is really all about.

Love suffers long and is kind: Are we prepared to exercise patience and grace to our partners? Do we accept that nobody is perfect, that in a marriage, you will often experience both the good side and the bad side of your partner? Are we kind to each other? Do we seek to understand before being understood?

Love does not envy; love does not parade itself:Don’t look at others and compare, don’t exalt yourself above the other. You might end up winning the argument, but losing the relationship.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things: Are we a pillar of support to our partners? Or are we a lighted fuse? Are we one that inspires and brings out the best in the other? Or do we make a habit of tearing each other down? Are we willing to go through the sun, the rain, the valley, the storm, through good and bad times with each other? Action speaks a lot louder than words. Many promises have been made, and many promises not kept. How much is your word worth?

Love never fails:True selfless agape love never fails to bring about the best in any relationship. True love is an emptying of yourself, your desires, your needs, and only focussing on the object of your love. You will give your all, and even your life, for the sake of the other person. A sacrificial love. A pure love, without any evil agenda. Love isn’t a feeling, it is a decision, a choice. Long after the fuzzy emotional feelings die down, true love will remain, almost spiritual in nature, it will stand the test of time. Are we committed to dying to ourselves and dying for others?

Marriage is a lifetime commitment!.