Alethea and Ephraim, at home with their Proud Father



This Lion is proud of this Lion’s pride… my two cuties are cuter and more adorable than any other little lion cub in the world… okay I admit, I’m biased, but then again, every other proud father and mother will think in the same way!

It is easy to physically become a parent, but so much harder to learn to be a good one. Many times you feel frustrated, and even foolish, not knowing what to do and how to proceed. Over time, with much effort, we get better at it. We learn how to exercise patience, and seek to think again from the perspective of a child.

It is so wonderfully absorbing just to observe a child at work. I don’t know what it is but is just brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. It makes you believe in everything wonderful about this world again.

These children are mine, but they do not belong to me, they have been wonderfully made by God the Creator of all things. As a parent, I am just showering my love on them, to care for them, to teach them and to prepare them to be ready to accomplish their purpose in this life, whatever that may be. They have a spiritual destiny, and God has a plan and a purpose for each of them. I must not seek to control their future and destiny. I need to let them find it for themselves.



Song: A Child Before the Father

Here i stand, a child before the father
Placing my trust in you
Ever faithful, Lord my provider
In the darkness your love shines through

You are with me in the desert
You are with me in the storm
You will lead me I will follow you

Here I walk, through the darkest valley
No evil will I fear
Your rod and staff comforts me
I know that you are here

Here I am, humbled, broken before you
Emptied of my own desire
Fully yielded to your purpose
Say the word and I will go

Wrote this song when in Myanmar  (Dec 2012). God had allowed several setbacks to happen to me, and I had to deal with the frustration, anger, and embarrassment that was welling up within me. I knew I had to focus on Him, if not our trip would be in vain. He wanted me to set my focus on Him and His work. He taught me that my possessions were not my possessions anymore, they were His to do as He wishes. I cannot possess my possessions, but I need to empty myself of my own desire and to live 100% for Him, and to do His will. A humbling process…