2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 9 – Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi

Today, we set off to the famous Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi to climb the 1237 steps to the summit of the hill where the golden Buddha sits. This hill is unique in that the steps, with railings on both sides, make the climb accessible and doable for all people young and old. However, the steps are steep at certain points, and there are just SO MANY of them, that you underestimate the difficulty of this ascent at your own peril. This climb is tough even for the fittest!

The advice is to bring loads of water, and believe me, you will need it as you will be sweating bucketloads because of the physical exertion and the 35 degrees Celsius heat.

I’m proud to say my 7 year old girl conquered the whole flight of steps on her own steam without having to be carried. She was bouncing around, talking non-stop with her cousins and uncle, full of energy and optimism, proud of her own achievement, and rightly so!

My 5 year old boy on the other hand, made it to the 900 step mark by himself and then started to exhibit signs of emotional distress. He complained and started to cry,  grousing about how he didn’t like the climb and that “this was the worst day of his life”. Yes, slightly over the top I know, but he is a 5 year old boy after all. I had to then play the role of a counselor, coach and cheerleader, telling him how life isn’t always a cakewalk and that we needed to learn to overcome our own emotions and fears to grow in character and strength.

I also asked him to pray to God for strength in his weakness. Amazingly, he did exactly that, saying a prayer out loud in the midst of his tears, and even more amazingly, the prayer seemed to work! He slowly but surely transitioned from negativity to positivity and from being mired in despair to being filled with hope and confidence. He even insisted on taking the last 30 steps on his own without my assistance! God truly has a soft spot for these little ones and rewards their little mustard seed of faith!

The view from the top of the hill is absolutely incredible, with a 360 degree panoramic view for miles and miles in all directions. The effort we put in was truly worth it. Video of Panoramic View on Hilltop

The route down, while physically less tiring, was a lot more heavy on the knees. The frontal view of the steep descent of steps can also be very daunting and scary, especially for those who are fearful of heights.

Despite all the physical challenges and exertion, I would highly recommend the climb as the views you get are well worth it! What I also love is the cameraderie between all the fellow climbers as you pass them. There is always that friendly tired smile, the encouragement that it is only a short climb left etc. Challenges like these really bring people, even strangers, together as you work towards a common goal.

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The Perks of Being A Father


It isn’t easy being a father. Nothing you can do adequately prepares you for the role, and after 7 years of fatherhood, I still feel so new and so raw sometimes. Things can often be rough when the kids get up to mischief and awkward when they ask you a question you do not know how to answer in simple terms. Sometimes you run out of ideas. It is one big leadership training ground.

But through it all, I can say it has been a heck of a ride! No regrets, only wonderful memories and worthwhile lessons which shape the person you are. The perks of a father are not these little gifts from your kids on Fathers’ Day, but the way these little eyes look at you with that sense of respect and love, the eyes that say in spite of all your imperfections, “You are the best Daddy in the world!”

Alethea and Ephraim, at home with their Proud Father



This Lion is proud of this Lion’s pride… my two cuties are cuter and more adorable than any other little lion cub in the world… okay I admit, I’m biased, but then again, every other proud father and mother will think in the same way!

It is easy to physically become a parent, but so much harder to learn to be a good one. Many times you feel frustrated, and even foolish, not knowing what to do and how to proceed. Over time, with much effort, we get better at it. We learn how to exercise patience, and seek to think again from the perspective of a child.

It is so wonderfully absorbing just to observe a child at work. I don’t know what it is but is just brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. It makes you believe in everything wonderful about this world again.

These children are mine, but they do not belong to me, they have been wonderfully made by God the Creator of all things. As a parent, I am just showering my love on them, to care for them, to teach them and to prepare them to be ready to accomplish their purpose in this life, whatever that may be. They have a spiritual destiny, and God has a plan and a purpose for each of them. I must not seek to control their future and destiny. I need to let them find it for themselves.