A Little Dreamer, Preparing to take Flight


“I do not know what’s in the future, but I know that in the present, I have in my hands, a little dreamer preparing to take flight.”

This song, composed for the 2014 Ministry of Education Workplan, will definitely be one of the highlights of my time in MOE. It speaks of the heart and soul of education, of empowering every child to chase his or her dreams and to reach for the skies.

In the original performance in 2014, I had the privilege of working with a group of amazing musician educators, putting together an amazing performance that moved the hearts of the leaders in education present at the Workplan. To this day, I still enjoy jamming and performing with these Musicators. Every rehearsal, they never fail to bring a smile to my face!

On 16 July 2016, Dorothy and I had the privilege of reprising the song (with a twist!) at the 2016 Music Education Scholarships and Beyond O Level Music Talk organised by MOE HR. As we were preparing the song, Dorothy felt that we should get my kids to join in to sing the final 2 choruses, as a signal that as a Music Educator, it is all about the children. They are at the centre of everything we do. We work hard to enrich their lives with a love for music, at the same time developing in them a diverse range of 21st Century Competencies such as confidence, communication skills, collaboration skills. Being a music teacher sure is great fun, and oh, what a meaningful career it is!




Performances from Hillgrove Graduation Night 2012

School performances are never perfect, always rough at the edges, but always entertaining, and always bringing out cheers from the audience, especially when the performers include their teachers, principals and vice-principals!

So here are the special items from the Hillgrove Graduation Night 2012, with

(1) Bubbly, by Colbie Caillat, performed by Miss Siti Hajar and me

(2) I’ve Gotta Feeling, by BEP, performed by the teachers band, featuring my school leaders and teachers

(3) Miles Away, by Madonna, performed by Amir Mirza and me

Please pardon my playing of the Cajon Drum, I was a last minute replacement, and I got a little excited 🙂


Gangnam Style Stravinsky / A Cappella Gangnam Style

Who in his right mind would associate Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with Psy’s Gangnam Style? Well, Richard Atkinson did. Interestingly, enough… it actually seems to fit and make sense in a funny sort of way. I’m not sure if Stravinsky (or even Psy) would approve of this connection, but well, it is certainly a unique link, and music has its way of transcending genres and cultures, especially in recent times. So, lets just sit back and be amused and intrigued by this surreal marriage of two controversial sensations of their time, before we move on with our lives and watch this video fade into insignificance.

Talking about Gangnam Style, everyone who likes the song ought to check out the following amazing a cappella rendition performed by Pentatonix.  🙂 Absolutely love the kick ass beatboxing, vocal harmonics, zany antics, and beautifully energetic ensemble singing. Oh… the shades are pretty cool too!