Christmas with HFMD

It is Christmas time, and my family is down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease.
First it was my daughter, then my wife, and now my son is having fever.
It has been painful watching them suffer, with appetite, but struggling to eat because of the painful blisters in the mouth. Thankfully, after a few days, the symptoms seem to be subsiding, although the fever is still on or off. I’m not sure if I’ll be the next in line to get it, but well, we are all watching, and waiting and praying that the bug will get quashed. In the meantime, we are trying to make the best out of the situation, trying to keep each other’s spirits up. Have a blessed Christmas everyone! 🙂


Movie Review: Life of Pi

I’ve been wanting to write a review of the movie “Life of Pi,” which I watched with my wife a couple of weeks back. I am coming from the perspective of someone who hasn’t read the award winning book.

I must say that to me, watching the movie was almost a life-changing spiritual conversion experience. It was a wonderfully uplifting, visually beautiful, thought provoking tour de force of a film, one so unique that it almost will blow your mind away. There are so many films which are basically variations on a common theme, or are just carbon copies of every type of film cliche, but this film definitely is not one of them, with a script that seems to come right out of a different universe. What an amazing timeless tale this is. There have been other wonderfully wacky films which i have enjoyed: for e.g. Being John Malkovich, but this is in entirely a different league. It manages to be so unbelievable, and yet so real and believable at the same time. The relationship between Pi Patel and the untamable lion Richard Parker is so real, just like the relationship between Tom Hanks and Wilson in Cast Away. The acting was amazing, with Suraj Sharma bringing out every ounce of each emotion. (How does one act so convincing as though the lion was really there and not just a CGI creation?)

Above all, this film makes us ponder about life and reality. So often the truth is so much stranger than fiction, and yet we often have a fear of accepting the truth. So which version of Pi Patel’s adventure would we choose to believe?

God doesn’t need proving, He needs to be known and experienced.


10/10  To me a perfect film… everything you would want a film to be. Sorry to the animal lovers out there who found the killings too hard to bear.

Gangnam Style Stravinsky / A Cappella Gangnam Style

Who in his right mind would associate Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with Psy’s Gangnam Style? Well, Richard Atkinson did. Interestingly, enough… it actually seems to fit and make sense in a funny sort of way. I’m not sure if Stravinsky (or even Psy) would approve of this connection, but well, it is certainly a unique link, and music has its way of transcending genres and cultures, especially in recent times. So, lets just sit back and be amused and intrigued by this surreal marriage of two controversial sensations of their time, before we move on with our lives and watch this video fade into insignificance.

Talking about Gangnam Style, everyone who likes the song ought to check out the following amazing a cappella rendition performed by Pentatonix.  🙂 Absolutely love the kick ass beatboxing, vocal harmonics, zany antics, and beautifully energetic ensemble singing. Oh… the shades are pretty cool too!

Supper with Angry Bird

This is my wife the angry bird (not the angry bird my wife). We are out for a supper at our friendly neighbourhood coffee shop. I am also showing her how to use this wordpress app to help make blogging quick and painless. It is also a good time to have a drink and a chit chat, which is very important to keep wives happy, and to make your marriage a success. 😉

My wife the "kee jiao"

My wife the “kee jiao”

Another Dinner Out, Another Student as Service Staff – Thai Express (Bt. Panjang Plaza)

Red Tom Yum Fish Soop with Green Curry Balls

Red Tom Yum Fish Soop with Green Curry Balls

Prawn Omelette Rice

Prawn Omelette Rice

Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad

Tonight is the second night in a row that I have been greeted with a sheepish smile by the first staff I meet at the eatery, with the staff able to call me by my name… It seems like all of my Hillgrove Students are out working as service staff to make some extra cash after their graduating examinations. The one tonight even asked me for advice on which course he should take in ITE! Interesting, I wonder what God is trying to tell me these few days..

Anyway, sadly, the food tonight wasn’t as good as the food yesterday. The standards at this outlet haven’t been very consistent, to say the least. When we first came, it was terrible. Then, the last few times, it got better. Today, it was back to terrible.

Well at least the seafood salad was nice, and my wife’s prawn omelette rice was nice, although a little too salty this time.

My Red Tom Yum Fish soup was too milky… tasted really different from the last time. The sago in the desert too sticky, with a funny taste. Even the green curry balls were not as nice as before.

I’ll be thinking twice about coming back to this outlet. So far the Thai Express at Holland Village seems to be the most reliable and consistent outlet in terms of its food.


Seafood Salad: 8/10

Prawn Omelette Rice: 8/10

Red Tom Yum Fish Set: 4/10

Service: 7/10 (The good thing is that now they serve water in a big jug beside your table for easy refills!)

Huckabee: Where Was God? (updated 19/12/2012)

Mike Huckabee’s view of where God was, in the light of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut where 20 kids and 6 adults lost their lives.

Indeed, we so often blame God for the evil that surrounds us, instead of realising that evil is just the absence of God, and God doesn’t inhabit the hearts of those who do not welcome him.

Since the comments were made, there has been much uproar about them, we see few articles and reports written in favour of what he has said, and plenty written lashing out at his comments (Salon article, Mediaite article), even using big words such as “vitupative” which hardly even accurately described his tone of voice (which was more a lament rather than a tirade).

This just reminds me of how the Bible talks about how the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God (1 Cor 3:19), and that the foolishness of God being wiser than man (1 Cor 1:25). The world doesn’t understand why Jesus needed to die to atone for their sins. This seems to be foolishness to some, and yet to us believers, this truth resounds to great effect because we see our own sin, we know our own spiritual position, we are not coming from a position of holier-than-thou-ness, but rather a position of brokenness in acknoledgement of our own need for forgiveness and atonement.

Well, in the end, everybody has a right to his own opinion about whether Huckabee is a lunatic  and an “opportunistic, self-promoting creep”, or if he is being a courageous, albeit misunderstood speaker of God’s truth.  In the same way, everybody has a right to form his own idea of what is the best response to this tragedy. We need to be able to agree to disagree, and after all has been said and done, after all the discussion and debate, we need to put down all our guns (both literally and metaphorically) and to spare a thought for and rally behind the plight of the victims and their families. While we are here discussing the merits and demerits of gun control and on all that has been said about God and the lack of God in the light of this tragedy, they have had to suffer a big irreversible loss in their lives. They need our support, our prayers, our empathy.

Alethea and Ephraim, at home with their Proud Father



This Lion is proud of this Lion’s pride… my two cuties are cuter and more adorable than any other little lion cub in the world… okay I admit, I’m biased, but then again, every other proud father and mother will think in the same way!

It is easy to physically become a parent, but so much harder to learn to be a good one. Many times you feel frustrated, and even foolish, not knowing what to do and how to proceed. Over time, with much effort, we get better at it. We learn how to exercise patience, and seek to think again from the perspective of a child.

It is so wonderfully absorbing just to observe a child at work. I don’t know what it is but is just brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. It makes you believe in everything wonderful about this world again.

These children are mine, but they do not belong to me, they have been wonderfully made by God the Creator of all things. As a parent, I am just showering my love on them, to care for them, to teach them and to prepare them to be ready to accomplish their purpose in this life, whatever that may be. They have a spiritual destiny, and God has a plan and a purpose for each of them. I must not seek to control their future and destiny. I need to let them find it for themselves.