MRT in Singapore

For all the talk and complaints of the reliability of the trains here, I think the biggest issue with the MRT is not in the equipment and hardware, rather in the people using the trains. Time after time I see rude behaviour by commuters, not waiting for passengers to alight before boarding, not giving up one’s seat to someone who needs it more. It is really a sad state of affairs and one which makes me not proud to be a Singaporean. We seem to have developed an ingrained habit of boarish uncultured behaviour. This is also evident in our vehicular traffic.


A Visit to CCAB

It has been 3 years since I have left this place. Nice to still see so many familiar faces, so many friends still here. So many things have changed, the whole organisation revamped. Just being here brings back many memories, many good times, many wonderful experiences amidst challenges and difficulties. I had to leave, but I do admit I miss the place and the people.

Feels so good to have my new tablet and to be able to start blogging conveniently! Im also more diligent in doing my scripture readings and quiet time now.